It’s Not a Digital Transformation Without a Digital Culture



TKKIE uses data on digital behaviour to get insights on employees interactions with technology


Our mission is to help businesses use technology more effectively to accelerate their digital transformation.


Our carefully devised adoption solutions draw upon the psychology of positive reinforcement to promote the practical use of technology among employees.

How Does It Work?

Our highly experienced team of experts creates engaging and hands-on technology adoption campaigns for businesses in a wide variety of industries. These projects are specifically designed to help employees explore how to make the most out of the technology they use on a daily basis.

We use a point-based system to create a competitive, captivating, and fun campaigns through which employees become more familiar and comfortable with their tech and all related processes. These games are designed to increase curiosity and promote self-learning and growth-mind set.

Companies Strong Financial Performance

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Digital Transformation with Digital Culture Programme
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Digital Transformation with No Digital Culture Programme

Partnering with TKKIE to design & implement a digital culture programme, you’ll see your team members on all levels start interacting more efficiently and naturally with their technology. This will lead to a smoother running business
overall as each component is optimized. Additionally, we measure usage before and post campaigns to demonstrate a solid quantitative outcome. Employees will also feel more confident about their abilities to navigate their productivity tech stack.


Our team is composed of passionate productivity experts along with marketing and social media pros who are committed to helping our clients achieve success. We work with businesses to create content and bring marketing technology and new culture to employees.
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