Digital Culture For Remote & Hybrid Work

Ever since Covid-19 hit, digital transformation has been significantly accelerated. Companies are fueling their efforts to make sure remote work, in fact, works.

Digital transformation is sweeping the business landscape. Leaders are embracing it wholeheartedly because they recognize its power. But as companies advance from pilot programs to wide-scale adoption, they often run into an unexpected obstacle: culture clash.

How do you eliminate the culture clash that reduces your business’ efficiency and productivity to stay ahead? That’s where Tkkie comes into play!


Develop a community of tech savy community within your business to drive change and innovation. TKKIE will support them in presenting new technology to their colleagues, as they are instrumental in accelerating your digital transformation.

Onsite or Virtual Adoption Sessions

To generate buzz for the new tech you want people to adopt at your organization, enlist the help of TKKIE to build an aura of expectation and plan a fun event. To ensure your event leaves them wanting more. During which, they interact with their tech and get demos on the latest and greatest features relating to their daily work.

Discovery Workshops

Focus groups to invite employees to give feedback about the new tech and how they use it, what are the opportunities to enhance their productivity.


By digging into the data, you will get an idea of what the real road blockers are and hatch a plan to eliminate them.

Experience the impact on the adoption rates of new technologies and digital culture shift over the period of the programme.

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