How Leaders Can Embrace Flexibility and Stay Innovative

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Over the past year, creativity has taken on new forms, and innovation has emerged from living rooms, through video screens, and over digital platforms. To better understand the impact that remote work has had on creativity, the Future Forum surveyed 760 U.S.-based knowledge workers.

Here are three takeaways from the research:

  • Distributed work has positively impacted solo creativity: the space created by remote work has actually created a better foundation for creativity on an individual level
  • The location of your colleagues has no bearing on team creativity: the success of group creativity and complex problem-solving depends on bringing diverse perspectives to the forefront, not into a physical space
  • Investments in new technology have high ROI for creativity: tools and technology bridge the gap between remote and office-based teams and unlock better, more abundant innovation

Read a more detailed analysis from the research on

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